The Northeastern Humanities Center

This year I was the graduate fellow at Northeastern University’s Humanities Center. During my fellowship year,  I led the organization and event planning of an interdisciplinary symposium. I also designed and created a website for the fellowship cohort.   Below is a description of the event:

Effective Collaborations across the Disciplines:

Refining the Role of Institutional Centers and Networks

A Symposium

Thursday, April 3, 2014

10:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Curry Student Center | McLeod Suites

346 Huntington Avenue

Boston, MA

Keynote Lecture:

Kathleen Woodward

Director of the Simpson Center for the Humanities

Lockwood Professor in the Humanities and Professor of English

University of Washington

Featured Fellows:

Nicole N. Aljoe, Lana Cook, Ryan Cordell, Justin Manjourides, M.J. Motta, Suzanna Danuta Walters, and Sara Wylie


This symposium is a learning occasion to reflect on interdisciplinary approaches to the humanities and the role of institutional centers in fostering such collaboration.  In the morning, Kathleen Woodward, our guest keynote, will speak on disciplanary collaboration.  After the keynote, we will have a catered lunch and an opportunity to meet fellow attendees.  After lunch, the “viral culture” fellows will present the “viral culture” website.  This presentation will lead into the roundtable discussion, during which the fellows will discuss their experience in the fellowship group and share the outcomes of their collaboration.  The symposium will close with the Department of English’s 10th Annual Peter Burton Hanson Memorial Lecture featuring Marjorie Agosin who will speak on the intersecetions of poetry, policy, and urban rights.  The keynote, roundtable, and Hanson lecture will all explore the ways humanities scholars come together through theory, practice, and poetic expression.


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