“Escaping the Realist Self,” presented at Northeast Modern Language Association, Boston, Spring 2013.

“Alternate Realities: The Fantastic in the 1960s,” presented at the American Comparative Literature Association, Brown University, Spring 2012.

“Raw Reality”: presented at Northeastern University Graduate Student Association Conference on “Raw Materials.” Boston, MA. Spring 2011

“Some Strange Talk of Race and Shame: Narrating Shame in the Harlem Renaissance: presented at University of Virginia Graduate Conference on “Making Sense: Thinking and Feeling Texts.” Charlottesville, MA. Spring 2010.

“The Visual Intersections of Genre” : presented at the Northeastern University Graduate Student Conference on “Genre.” Boston, MA. Spring 2009.

Research Presentations

Panelist, “Effective Collaborations Across the Disciplines.” Northeastern University Humanities Center. Boston, MA. April 3, 2014.

“Psychedelic Virality: The Aesthetic Contagion of Altered States,” presented at Northeastern University Humanities Center.  Boston, MA. March 2014.

“All in the game”: Value and HBO’s The Wire,” presented at Northeastern University’s Humanities Center, Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Forum.  Boston, MA. Spring 2011.

“Behind Gated Palaces: A Value Assessment of Upper-Class American Autobiographies,” presented at University of New Hampshire McNair Symposium, Durham, NH. Summer 2005.

“Questioning the Lives of Kings,” presented at University of Greenwich, United Kingdom. Spring 2006